Spoken English Course in UAE, English Conversation Classes Dubai.


The conversation classes given at Direct English Center are not like English classes at other language schools or training centers. Our classes are part of the “Direct English Learning System”, and have been carefully planned to fit into students’ overall learning program.

The methodology for these classes has been developed within a ‘real’ Direct English center with ‘real’ students and has therefore been approved by teachers and students alike.

The conversation classes are not ‘teaching’ classes, they are ‘practice’ classes

Conversation classes - Delivered by a native English speaking instructor, this fun, interactive sessions focus on practicing and expressing yourself in English, in a communicative way. You'll find yourself discussing everything from life and art to business and travel with students of a similar level and ability. And all with the help of a supportive tutor who actively encourages you to put your new-found skills to the test in a fun and sociable environment.

  • Key confidence builder
  • Delivered by English native speaking instructor
  • Focuses on communicative usage of language
  • Instructors focus on success rather than mistakes
  • Learners encouraged expressing themselves
  • Intentionally interactive
  • Increases motivation
  • Consolidates classroom preparation


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