Tutorial Sessions

This session includes exercises and oral activities, focusing on developing the trainee’s language accuracy skills. Grammar and vocabulary will be explained thoroughly and areas of weakness will be identified and addressed in a very simple manner. Tutorial sessions are lead by bilingual English trainers in order to ease the learning process for trainees. Video and Audio CDs are used to strengthen the trainee’s speech, writing and understanding skills.

Conversation Sessions

These sessions include a maximum of eight trainees in each session in order to give maximum benefit through equal conversational shares for all attendees. Only Native English speaking trainers deliver Conversation Sessions. Conversation Sessions focus on practicing and speaking English, further developing the fluency skills of all attendees. Topic(s) are selected in conjunction with both students and trainers and discussions on a variety of subjects are held to introduce the students to an ever-increasing vocabulary.

Computer lab Sessions

A third element of Direct English is the computer lab class. It is highly advanced and provides a whole variety of interactive language training. In addition we have the dialogue from textbooks to give the students further opportunities to practice extensively what is being studied. Students enjoy this class because it gives them the chance to practice their English in a relaxed environment, where they dictate the pace of learning. The students can repeat and record their voices to check their pronunciation and finally their comprehension of the content by answering questions for which they receive a final score.

Social Activity

We  also schedule a range of social activities, always conducted in English, so that students have fun and enjoy the language in “real-life” situations with teachers taking part and encouraging group and individual participation. Some examples of activities that many of our customers find beneficial to their students are activities such as the speech competition day,poetry day, writing competition, and there is also a movie discussions from different subjects.