Our syllabus is highly advanced and  is the outcome of many years of experience in the preparation of language learning/teaching materials. It is designed for maximum communication and allows customers to use their English from the earliest stages. packshot-boxes(2)

What is the Direct English Language Study material? The Direct English Language Study material gives learners some grammar explanations and further speaking practice that relates directly to the video material they studied in the Multimedia session. In addition to this, the Language Study phase introduces short reading texts and some systematic training in key areas of English such as ‘question and answer’ techniques. In Direct English levels 4 – 8, in lessons the Conversation/Presentation phase has been replaced with a reading text, there is some alternative video material to view in the Language study phase. This material is made up of a series of interviews with the general public and is called ‘video documentaries’. This material is explained in the Companion at the appropriate exercises and in the Course book there are viewing tasks.

Our materials basically contain:


Course Book & Work Book

  • Full color
  • English Only
  • Focus of study
  • 9 units (27 lessons)
  • Works in page spreads with lessons

Companion Book

  • Works alongside the Course Book in lockstep
  • Contains instructions, commentary, grammar and language explanations
  • Unusual in English courses and key to its supportive and motivational nature
  • Bilingual support decreases as the English ability increases
  • Full, bilingual index (Levels 1-6)
  • Contains self-tests for self-administration (prior to Tutorials)

PC Video Disk Material

  • Written by a professional scriptwriter
  • Contains an engaging video drama with character development and storylines
  • Key motivational component that drives the content of the other materials
  • Should be viewed before and after a unit of study
  • Video prompt in book components